Myõkõ-class Heavy Cruiser

Myõkõ-class Heavy Cruiser


Model depicted: Scratchbuilt Myoko-class (top), Shapeways, Tiny Thingamajigs - Myoko (bottom)
Scale: -

Ships in class: Myoko, Haguro, Nachi, Ashigara

The four Myōkō-class cruisers were built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the late 1920s. Three were lost during World War II.
The ships of this class displaced 11,633 tons (standard), were 201 meters long, and were capable of 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph). They carried two aircraft and their main armament was ten 20.3-centimetre (8 in) guns in five twin turrets. At the time, this was the heaviest armament of any cruiser class in the world. They were also the first cruisers the Japanese Navy constructed that exceeded the (10,000 ton) limit set by the Washington Naval Treaty.


  • Myõkõ-class Heavy Cruiser