Mahan-class Destroyer


Scale: 1/1800

Ships in class:

NameHull no.
Mahan DD-364
Cummings DD-365
Drayton DD-366
Lamson DD-367
Flusser DD-368
Reid DD-369
Case DD-370
Conyngham DD-371
Cassin DD-372
Shaw DD-373
Tucker DD-374
Downes DD-375
Cushing DD-376
Perkins DD-377
Smith DD-378
Preston DD-379
Dunlap DD-384
Fanning DD-385

The Mahan-class destroyers of the United States Navy were a series of 18 destroyers of which the first 16 were laid down in 1934. The last two of the 18, Dunlap and Fanning (this pair laid down in 1935), are sometimes considered as a separate ship class. All 18 were commissioned in 1936 and 1937.The Mahans featured improvements over previous destroyers, with 12 torpedo tubes, superimposed gun shelters, and generators for emergency use. Standard displacement increased from 1,365 tons to 1,500 tons. The class introduced a new steam propulsion system that combined increases in pressure and temperature with a new type of lightweight steam turbine, proving simpler and more efficient than the Mahans' predecessors—so much so that it was used on many subsequent wartime US destroyers.
All 18 ships saw action in World War II, entirely in the Pacific Theater, including during the Guadalcanal Campaign, and the battles of the Santa Cruz Islands, Leyte Gulf, and Iwo Jima.


  • Mahan-class Destroyer