Danae-class Light Cruiser


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Ships in class: HMS Danae, HMS Dauntless, HMS Dragon, HMS Delhi, HMS Dunedin, HMS Durban , HMS Despatch, HMS Diomede

The Danaes or "D" class were completed in 1918-1922 as very light cruisers. They were a response to intelligence reports that the Germans were building 6" (152mm) cruisers armed with 10-12 guns. However, the German ships had their guns on the beams, and could be economically matched with cruisers based on the C class but having six guns on the centerline. The various refinements caused the displacement to creep up which, together with a slightly greater beam, limited the speed to 29 knots in spite of improved machinery.

Badly obsolete by the start of the Pacific War, they were extensively modernized in their light antiaircraft battery. Delhi, which did not serve in the Pacific, even replaced the main battery with 5"/38 DP guns.


  • Danae-class Light Cruiser