Porter-class Destroyer


Model depicted: Axis & Allies War at Sea, USS Phelps
Scale: 1/1800

Ships in class:

NameHull no.
Porter DD-356
Selfridge DD-357
McDougal DD-358
Winslow DD-359
Phelps DD-360
Clark DD-361
Moffett DD-362
Balch DD-363

The Porter-class destroyers were a class of eight 1,850-ton large destroyers in the United States Navy. Like the preceding Farragut Class, their construction was authorized by Congress on 26 April 1916, but funding was delayed considerably. They were designed based on an 1,850-ton standard displacement limit imposed by the London Naval Treaty; the treaty's tonnage limit allowed 13 ships of this size, and the similar Somers class was built later to meet the limit. They were built in response to the large destroyers that the Imperial Japanese Navy was building at the time, and were initially leaders of destroyer flotillas. They served extensively in World War II, in the Pacific War, the Atlantic, and in the Americas. Porter was the class's only loss, in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands on 26 October 1942.


  • Porter-class Destroyer