Capitani Romani-class Light Cruiser


The Capitani Romani class were a continuation of the sort of thought that influenced the design of the original Condottieri classes. Armed with six 127mm/38 guns in three twin mounts, the

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Ships in class: Scipione Africano, Pompeo Magno, Attilio Regolo

Capitani Romanis were intended as a further answer to the French Contre-Torpilleurs. The vessels were notable in that they mounted radar, possessed a pair of quadruple torpedo launchers, and had the ability to lay mines. The ships were capable of quite high speeds and were barely larger than their intended prey. Of the dozen ships laid down, only three would be completed, and only one, Scipione Africano, would see action. Attilio Regolo would be used as a mine layer, and San Giorgio (originially Pompeo Magno) would serve as a destroyer leader


  • Capitani Romani-class Light Cruiser