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Abe created the topic: Correction: Kitikami/Oi

3 years 7 months ago

I was looking at the cards for the Kitakami and the Oi, and I noticed some potential errors.

First, both ships are classified on the cards as Kitakami-class cruisers. However, Wikipedia says that both ships are Kuma-class light cruisers. Does anyone know which is correct?

Also, four of the torpedo banks are Power 12, but the last two are Power 13. Is there some reason for that, or is it just a typo?


Sincerely, Abe

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Naval War HQ replied the topic: Correction: Kitikami/Oi

3 years 6 months ago

Hello Abe,

The classification is due to the way my database is built up. You are correct that both ships were rebuilt Kuma-class Light cruisers, but I need to set them apart class-wise because they are so different to a normal Kuma-class cruiser. So I could name them "Kuma-class cruiser (Kitakami-type rebuild)" or something, but I chose to just use their sub-class nomer, with Kitakami being the lead ship. If you tell your opponent you have a Kitakami-class cruiser in your fleet, I don't think there will be any mistake as to which type of ship you are referring too :)

The Pwr rating of 12 is indeed a typo, it should be 13 overall. I changed it in the database, so if I ever recompile the datacards, they will be corrected.

Thank you for noticing!

Game designer

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