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1 year 2 weeks ago

Hello all,

It's been a while since I could work some more on improving the ruleset. Due to Covid no further games could be played and my usual pool of players did all but dry up. Recently I've found a new group of players who were willing to play some games and give me (lots) of feedback on the game, so I've started to gather some more rules revisions. Primary goal of this version is to streamline. I am planning on reviewing the rules to see where we can remove or simplify anything.

In the download section you can now find a new category with a link to my one-drive folder with the beta files.

Changes so far (worklist):

- Air groups now generate an order token when containing 3 flights instead of 5

- One of the main changes is the changes to the datacards:
- I used to publish 2 different versions: one version in the reference guide and the excel fleet builder, and another version as a deluxe datacard. This has been condensed into one version. A little less fancy than the deluxe card, but more uniform between the different mediums.
- The structure of listing the weapon systems has been changed. Now each weapon system is shown on one row instead of multiple rows for each firing arc. The firing arc has been added as seperate columns. This removes the need to scan the datacard for multiple weapon systems of the same type. It is also visually more easy to identify the different weapon systems.
- A class code has been added to the datacard: BB, DD, CA, CV, etc.
- All red squares for disabled systems have been removed. If you have crossed off the green and orange square, it is already evident that the system is disabled.
- The little black hull point has been replaced by an ordinary hullpoint, if the final hullpoint is crossed off, the ship is sunk.
- AA DP guns are now listed in the AA row, with a seperate damaged status, again removing some special rules to handle DP guns.
- Arc abbreviations have been replaced by simple arrow graphics. This is also the case for the torpedo banks and the rudder.

- The flagship and fleet flagship status has been removed. I found that the flagship and fleet flagship did not add anything valuable to the gameplay (besides painting a target on the flagship). Playing without it did not have any significant effect on gameplay.

- Turning will now happen with 45 degree turns per 5 cm instead of 90 degrees. This will make turning a little less instant and a bit more predictable. It will also make the slower ships less maneuverable than the faster ships.

- I really want to remove the fuel tokens from the aircraft, but I am still not sure how to solve that.

Please let me know what you think about the changes so far and if you have any other rules that should be reviewed.

Game designer

"That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been;" -Ecclesiastes-
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Beethoven replied the topic: Version 1.6 development worklist

11 months 4 weeks ago

I think the changes are good, especially the changes to the guns on the data card. But, the arrows for the torpedoes on the datacard are confusing me I can't quite tell which direction they are supposed to fire.

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Naval War HQ replied the topic: Version 1.6 development worklist

8 months 2 weeks ago

Well, left arrow to port and right arrow to starboard. If both arrows are in the same box, the tubes are on the centerline and can fire either side. If the arrow is up the torpedoes can only fire from the front arc (this is usually the case with submarines)

Game designer

"That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been;" -Ecclesiastes-

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