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Here are the rules I used playing the Tokyo Express scenarios.
PT Boats - allowed to make a 180 turn after each 5 cm move. If only forces involved may add or subtract 2 from initiative roll. Only Rapid fire guns can target them and then at half ROF. Ignore the minimum distance for other PT Boats. Do not have to move, in remaining actions phase, if did not move in direct actions. All armour rolls save on a 4+.
US Mk 14 Torpedoes - Until fixed, September 1943, allow a save on a 2+ regardless of ship armour.
New torpedo rules - Ships now have different target scores for torpedoes. Merchant ships 5+, Large ships 6+, Medium & Small ships 7+. Modifiers -1 night engagement, -1 ship max speed 10 or less, +1 for bow/stern aspect, +1 target in Long Lance extended range. A 7 is scored by rolling a six followed by a 4+, 8 by rolling a six followed by a 5+, and 9 by rolling a six followed by a 6.
All Japanese forces fighting at night receive one extra order token.
Japanese torpedo reloads - Spending an order token in remaining actions phase, the turn after torpedoes were fired, can attempt to reload torpedoes. For small ships this can be done as a squadron, medium or large ships must be done individually. Base roll 4+, a success reloads all currently used torpedo banks. Each ship is only allowed 1 reload, regardless of whether it launched all banks. A fail on a 1 means reloads not available for remainder of game, any other fail allows further attempts.
Think that's it.

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