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Topic-icon New fan of the Naval war

bartmol70 created the topic: New fan of the Naval war

4 years 2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm Bart and come from Bemmel, between Arnhem and Nijmegen in the Netherland.

About 40 years ago I started playing board- and tabletop wargames. In those 40 years I played a lot of diverend game systems, periods, armies and games. Two things does interest me most: 1) playing tactical, strategic and political games like: Dipmomancy, Civilication, The Republic of Rome, Empire in Arms, and custom made look-a-likes with large groups of friends, and 2) tabletop historical games like: 7th edition WRG, DBM, Fire & Fury, Age of Eagles, Flames of war, Wings of Glory/War, and a lot more. All with nicely painted miniatues (it brings my a lot of joy painting historical miniatures). Next to painting, playing games and tabletops I was/am a member of two clubs in the Netherlands: Rabenhaupt from Groningen and BOD out of Utrecht.

The naval games does have a special place in my heart (I hope this is not only a Dutch saying, else it is something about special interest). About 30 years ago I start playing General Quaters and collected two large Navwar fleets (over 300 ships in 1:3000). Both situated in the period around Coralsee and Midway and some additionals. GQ wasn't the game that could satisfy me enough. So I started to design my own ruleset. Unfortunately I start working and moved as a gamer from Groningen to Utrecht. Gaming WW2 was replaced by the good old DBM-army of Alexander the Great, and later by Wooden ship & Iron men and some more iffy rulesets.

Meanwhile my kids grow up and the yougest of 9 has also interest in tabletop gaming. In the past years we played Wing of Glory and Starwars Armada. 4 Weeks ago he found my collection of WW2-warships and asked me to play with him some battles. By not having a good ruleset I started a search on internet and...I found Navel War.

In the sparsome friday evenings I was able to visite BOD in Utrecht in the past 5 years I saw some guy's play naval wargames. Yes, I was curious, but...ok, now I read the rules, I am very excited about these rules and I want to play these rules.

I hope to meet all of you digital and probebly some also fysical to chat, to discuss, to learn and for most to play some navel games...

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Naval War HQ replied the topic: New fan of the Naval war

4 years 1 week ago

Hello Bart and welcome to the community!
It is very nice to have another Dutchman on the forums. I was probably one of those guys playing naval wargames at B.O.D. since I did some of my playtesting there. After the whole corona thing is over I'd love to play a game with you.

Have fun trying out the rules (I'd advise to give the 1.5 rules a go, they are almost finished and already provide a much more polished experience). Let me know if you or your kids have any questions!

Game designer

"That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been;" -Ecclesiastes-

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Oldenbua replied the topic: New fan of the Naval war

3 years 9 months ago

Hoi Bart, if you ever get to Groningen again, there are some there who also found these rules. My French fleet even came out of hiding after all these years!

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